Chapel Bulletin

February 2020

Dedicated to the Passion

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST – Saint Brigid of Ireland, known as “the Mary of the Gaels,”  is revered with Saint Patrick as one of the pillars of the Irish people. First Saturday. Feastday of Sister Brigid Mary, MICM.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND – 4TH SUNDAY AFTER THE EPIPHANY. Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Candlemas. Today’s solemnity is appropriate for the blessing of candles, because on this day Mary made an offering in the temple and presented her Son. The holy Simeon prophesied that He would be “a light to the revelation of the Gentiles.” Blessing of the Candles and Procession at 9:15 a.m. Mass.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD – Saint Blaise once cured a young boy who had a fishbone stuck in his throat and was on the point of death. He is invoked against sicknesses of the throat. Blessing of the throats after 8:30 a.m. Mass.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH – The 26 Martyrs of Japan were crucified on a hill, now known as the Holy Mountain overlooking Nagasaki. Read the moving story in a recent issue of “From the Housetops” magazine!  Order your copy here.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH – Saint Dorothy was mocked on her way to death by a lawyer who taunted her to send “apples or roses from the garden of her Spouse.” Dorothy promised to grant his request. Just before death, a child stood by her side bearing apples and roses which she bade him take them to the mocker. The lawyer was converted to the Faith and also died a martyr.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH – Blessed Pius IX, one of the longest reigning popes in history, convened the First Vatican Council in 1869, which decreed papal infallibility. He also defined the dogma of the Immaculate Conception and granted the Marian title of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, a famous Byzantine icon from Crete entrusted to the Redemptorist priests. In addition to this, Pius IX was also the last Pope to rule as the Sovereign of the Papal States, which fell completely to Italian nationalist armies by 1870 and were incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy. First Friday.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH – Saint Josephine Bakhita was a Sudanese-born former slave who became a Canossian Religious Sister in Italy, living and working there for 45 years. In 2000 she was declared a saint by the Catholic Church.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH – SEPTUAGESIMA is the third Sunday before Lent, which makes it the ninth Sunday before Easter. Traditionally, this Sunday marked the beginning of preparations for Lent. Starting on Septuagesima Sunday, neither the Alleluia nor the Gloria are sung and do not return until the Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH – Saint Scholastica , the twin sister of Benedict of Nursia, is the foundress of the women’s branch of Benedictine Monasticism.

TUESDAY , FEBRUARY 11TH – Our Lady of Lourdes appeared 18 times to little Bernadette Soubirous, a young peasant girl, in the grotto of Lourdes called Massabielle in 1858. She revealed herself as the Immaculate Conception, and asked that a chapel be built on the site of the vision. Lourdes is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH – Saint Eulalia confronted the governor of Barcelona for persecuting Christians and was subjected to many tortures before her martyrdom. A dove flew from her mouth at her death and a sudden snowstorm covered her body. To this day thirteen white geese live (as per the age of the saint and the number of her tortures), are kept in courtyard of Barcelona cathedral and she is the patroness of the city.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14THSaint Valentine, officially Saint Valentine of Rome, was martyred and then buried on the Via Flaminia to the north of Rome. Since the High Middle Ages his name has been associated with a tradition of courtly love.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH – Saint Claude de la Columbiere was the brilliant and saintly priest of the Society of Jesus who was the spiritual director and complete supporter of Saint Margaret Mary in establishing devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH – SEXAGESIMA. The season of Lent is drawing near! Prepare your heart and soul to take up your cross and follow Him!

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH – Saint Bernadette Soubirous was blessed with 18 visions of Our Lady at Lourdes in 1858. The perfectly incorrupt body of this little saint is venerated by the faithful at the convent of the Sisters of Charity at Nevers, France. Feastday of Sister Marie-Bernard, MICM

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH  Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto were the young shepherd children, who, together with their cousin Lucia, were privileged with apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima in Portugal in 1917. Feastday of Sister Mary Jacinta, MICM.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST – Saint Robert Southwell, was born in England and entered the Jesuits in Rome. He was ordained a priest and conducted missionary labors in London. Arrested, he remained in jail for three years before being martyred at Tyburn.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND  The Chair of Saint Peter at Antioch. Thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. (Matt. 16:18)

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23RD  QUINQUAGESIMA. Saint Peter Damian was declared a Doctor of the Church due to his zealous spirit, eloquent preaching and voluminous writing.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH – THE HOLY FACE OF JESUS. “By offering My Face to My Eternal Father, nothing will be refused, and the conversion of many sinners will be obtained.” ~ Jesus to Sr. Mary of St. Peter

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH – ASH WEDNESDAY. Remember man that thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28THDedicated to the Crown of Thorns. Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin gave his life up to prayer, sacrifice, and a devotion to Our Lady’s Sorrows as a member of the Passionist Order. Feastday of Sister Gabriel Marie, MICM.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29TH – Saint Anne Line, one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales, was arrested and hung for hiding Catholic priests in her home.

Special Events:

February 2

Candlemas! Blessing of the candles and Procession at the 9:15 a.m. Mass. 

February 3

The traditional blessing of the throats for the feast of St. Blaise after the 8:30 a.m. Mass.

February 11

Make a visit to our lovely statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in IHM Chapel today! Pray for the sick and dying!

February 26

Ash Wednesday. The blessing of ashes after both 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Masses. Review the laws of Fast and Abstinence.

February 28

It is a beautiful Catholic tradition to attend the Stations of the Cross every Friday in Lent! Join us  at 7:30 p.m. each Friday! Bring your family!

Prayer Intentions:

Pray for the youth programs scheduled for February and March! The Sisters will be directing camps in Louisiana and Indiana and the Brothers will be directing a camp in Florida! Say a prayer for a safe camp and safe traveling!

Upcoming March Events:

March 14 – Saint Patrick’s Day Talent Night, 7 pm.

March 21 – The Sisters will have a table at the Catholic Life Conference in Springfield MA.

March 22 – Julia O’Leary will be accepted as a Novice of the Sisters today!